FASS Board & Show Council

The FASS Theatre Company is run by a Board made up of members of the company.
Some of the positions (like President) are elected at the Annual General Meeting in March.
Most Show Council positions (like Director) are appointed by the Board.
For more information on how positions are filled, see the FASS constitution.

Board Members

President: Alicia Mah
Company Coordinator: Mark Jackson-Brown
Treasurer: Jason Lynch
Creative Liaison: Chris Lolas
Representatives: Nadia Ursaki, R. Brent Clements, Anton Markov,
Apply for Rep! (1 position)
Past President: Stefan Verveniotis

Show Council

Creative Liaison: Chris Lolas
Chief Script Writer: Jessica Schmidt
Producer: Apply for Producer!
Director: Apply for Director!
Stage Manager: Apply for Stage Manager!
Technical Director: Apply for Technical Director!

Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to all members of FASS (interviews are conducted In camera).
If you have anything that you’d like the Board to discuss, or you’re interested in attending
an upcoming Board meeting, please email prez@fass.uwaterloo.ca.