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FASS 2006: The company of FASS 2006.

Handbook - Parties

Why party?

FASS' mission is to bring faculty, alumni, staff, and students together in a social setting. Part of that involves putting on a musical each year, but another part of that involves social parties. Each Saturday after rehearsals in January, after each show in February, and a few other times during the year, FASS holds parties for members of the company.

The Vice Squad

The Vice-President is responsible for organizing and running FASS parties, and relies on the help of volunteers known as the Vice Squad. The Vice Squad helps with food, setup, and cleanup for FASS parties. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated, and you should contact the Vice to help out.

Where are the parties?

Information about the location of parties will be sent to the company mailing list or posted on the announcements page, or you can email the Vice. The location of the Strike party on the evening of the last show will only be disclosed after strike is finished.