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FASS 2003: The lovable Juggles the Clown (Daniel Bates) sneaks up behind Wade Uvdeworld (Rick Fazekas).

FASS 2015 - Committee

The FASS Theatre Company is run by a committee made up of members of the company. Some of the positions (like President) are elected at the Annual General Meeting in March, and some positions (like Director) are appointed by the committee. See the Committee job description page for more information.

Committee members

President: Alexis Hunt
Vice President: Sarah Rodrigues
Producers: Nyssa Tilford (interim)
Treasurer: Megan Redwood
Secretary: Christos Lolas
Chief Script Writer: Michael L. Davenport
Director: Rami Finkelstein
Technical Director: Katey Bender
Stage Manager: Nadia Novikova
Representatives: Nyssa Tilford, Sean VanderHeyden, Stefan Verveniotis, Rachel Conway
Past President: Michael L. Davenport
Past Producer: Katey Bender, Lily Horne
Past Director: Anna Kreider
Past Technical Director: Anton Markov
Past Chief Script Writer: Kit Kreider
Past Stage Manager: Colleen Colbeck