FASS is unique among on-campus productions in that we write our own material. If you fancy yourself a writer, you should come out for writing. If you’ve never fancied yourself a writer, you should come out for writing anyway! You might surprise yourself (and indeed, some people have.)

Writing (and writing for FASS in particular) is a great outlet for those of us mired in the University of Waterloo. Bookstore line too long? Write a joke about it! Cafeteria food got you down? Write a scene! Got chased by a goose on the way to class? Sounds like a song-and-dance routine!

Meetings will generally be on Thursdays this term, with some moved to other nights to accommodate those who can’t make Thursdays. If you’re interested in writing, send an email to the Chief Script Writer csw@fass.uwaterloo.ca. You can definitely help even if you can’t make the meetings, so don’t be shy!