Producer’s Highly Alliterative Ninjas

If you have any questions about positions under the Producer or you want to apply, please email


Money is good. FASS likes money. You should get people to give FASS money.

Graphic Designer

FASS often has an absolutely amazing poster to advertise the show, and this year will be no exception, because you’re going to design it! FASS also has some kickass T-shirts for the cast and crew, and someone needs to design those too.

Advertising Manager

If you want to make sure that everyone in the world (or at least Waterloo) sees our awesome show, be our advertising person! We need someone to coordinate poster runs and any other advertising you choose to do. Spread the word of FASS to the world!

Media Person

FASS has a website, a Twitter account, and a Facebook account. FASS needs someone to operate those accounts when everyone else is busy. FASS also needs to coordinate with other media like mathNEWS, Imprint, the Globe & Post, so that they can write awesome reviews and get people to come to the show.