Tech Weekend & Cue-to-Cue

What happens at tech weekend?

Tech weekend is the third weekend during rehearsals. It is the time when all of the technical aspects of the show come together with the acting components.

Cue-to-cue is a run-through of the show from one technical cue (such as a lighting change, sound effect, or scene change) to another. Cue-to-cue allows the tech crew to rehearse the technical aspects of the show and prepare the sets for the first time. Actors will come to the stage for their scene, and typically what will happen is that they’ll be asked to start a few lines before a particular technical cue, the cue will run, and then the scene will be stopped and will jump to just before the next technical cue.

While cue-to-cue is running, actors will be given their first opportunity to do their song and dance numbers with the entire band. There will also be other rehearsals scheduled as needed, and actors are strongly encouraged to run lines with your scene-mates if they have the time.

During tech weekend, there will be times when actors or band members aren’t needed. During this unscheduled time, there will likely still be prop and set work in the tech shop, and costume work in the costume shop. There will also be rooms available for quiet studying or reading and for hanging out, so you can bring your books, games, and music videos.

Finally, after all of the setup and preparation is finished, we will do a tech run! This is effectively the first dress rehearsal, and is usually the cast’s only chance to see the rest of the show.

When and where is tech weekend?

Tech weekend is the Saturday and Sunday after the third week of rehearsals from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. There will be an hour break for lunch from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. It is also tradition for there to be a tech weekend breakfast on the morning of the Saturday. It’s highly recommended so that you have the energy to keep you going all weekend.

Tech weekend takes place in Hagey Hall. We will be using the stage of the Humanities Theatre for the cue-to-cue and tech setup. There will be other rooms in Hagey Hall available for studying, singing and dancing rehearsals for the opening and closing numbers, and scene rehearsals.

Do I have to be there?

Yes, attendance at tech weekend is mandatory. While actors have three weeks to rehearse, the tech crew only has one weekend: tech weekend. We need every actor there so the tech crew can figure out where to light the stage, where to put set pieces and props, and plan scene changes. If you’re not there, you might end up not being lit on stage, stand where a table is supposed to go, or have an anvil dropped on you, none of which would be very pleasant.

All company members participating in the show are required to remain in HH for the entire tech weekend. If you really really really can’t make it, or need to leave partway through, you must talk to the Stage Manager.

What should I bring?

You should bring water, snacks, comfortable clothing that will be flexible during dancing, clean indoor shoes, and school work or other things to keep you occupied. If you want to work in the tech shop, bring close-toed indoor shoes. If you are contributing any props or costumes that you haven’t brought in yet, you will need to bring those as well (they should be brought before tech weekend, and will stay in the theatre until the end of the show run). Since you will be moving around a lot in an enclosed area, please take care of your hygiene (showering, deodorant) for the comfort of everyone in the company.

What about a party?

There will be a party on the Saturday night of tech weekend. Check the announcements for more time and location.