Director’s Creative Companions

If you have any questions about positions under the Director or you want to apply to be one of these awesome people, please email

Assistant Directors

You have ideas. You’re creative, as in creative speech and also creative beer. You are excited to meet new people, make them feel welcome, and then tell them what to do. The words “sorry, Katey” roll off your tongue.

Duties will include running scene rehearsals, attending production meetings, making production d-e-c-i-s-i-o-n-s, and bringing the director’s vision to life. But not real life, his head is where dragons fear to tread.

(You snickered at the word “duties.” Tee-hee.)

Please apply with your FASS story, directorial aspirations, and a knock-knock joke.

Music Director

You understand words such as “pitch” and “semitone”. You have more patience than a twelve-year-old at the back of the bathroom line. Hearing the same pop song twenty times in a row does not throw you into a raging fit. You sing in the shower.

Duties will include coaching singing auditions and rehearsals (and that’s probably more than enough).

Please apply to with your FASS story, singing background, and a song you would absolutely love to hear in the show this year.

Commander of the Band

You are fearless in sight of instruments that are larger than you, and you want to see them come alive.

Duties will include obtaining music scores, organizing band rehearsals, looking after band setup and takedown, and playing conductor. For reals. [Baton not included. -Ed.]

Please apply to with your FASS story, band background, and a picture of a dinosaur.

Choreographer in Chief

You want to dance your way to glory, and you know how to make FASSies follow!

Duties will include running dance auditions and rehearsals, choreographing dances on the fly, and choreographing dances on the fly again because people/scenery/plot changes.

Please apply with your FASS story, dance background, and the name of a dance move which should appear in the show. Ballet shoes need not be included.