Dress Rehearsals

What happens at dress rehearsals?

A dress rehearsal is a full run-through of the show, without interruptions, and with costumes and makeup. It is treated exactly like a real show, from the call time to the final curtain. We do a dress rehearsal because it’s as close as we can get to a real show without actually having an audience present.

We also do a tech run, sometimes called a half-dress rehearsal, which is a full run-through intended to let the tech crew get a chance to put everything together. If there are major issues, the Stage Manager may stop and redo a part of a scene, but this is usually done only as a last resort. Normally, not all costumes and makeup will be used; the Stage Manager will determine the appropriate level of dress for everyone. The company is allowed to watch from the house (the audience seats) when they aren’t needed elsewhere.

After both the tech run and the full dress rehearsal, the company will gather together to receive notes from the Director, the Stage Manager, and the Tech Director.

When and where are dress rehearsals?

The tech run is on the Sunday of tech weekend, and it starts as soon as everything else is done and everyone is ready. The full dress rehearsal is on the Monday of the week of the show; on the Monday the curtain usually goes up at 8:00 pm. Just like for a real show, the call time for actors is 2 hours before curtain, and the call time for the tech crew is 1 hour before. The call time for the band varies depending on the level of setup required; please check with the band leader. By the time we are done the rehearsal and have gone through notes, it may be 11:30 pm or midnight.

Dress rehearsals take place in the Humanities Theatre in Hagey Hall. There will be other rooms in Hagey Hall available for studying and resting when you are not on stage. During the tech, you will have the option of watching the show from the house.

Do I have to be there?

Yes, attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory. It should be treated exactly like a real show!

If you really really really can’t make it, you should talk to the Stage Manager.

What should I bring?

First off, since you will be moving around a lot in an enclosed area, please take care of your hygiene (showering, deodorant) for the comfort of everyone in the company. If you will have down-time during the show, bring something to do!

For the full dress rehearsal, cast members need to bring some makeup equipment, namely eye-liner and a washcloth. If you have other makeup, you may bring it, but otherwise the company will provide foundation, blush, and specialty makeup. You must bring your own eye-liner for sanitary reasons.

Everyone will need indoor shoes (they may be part of your costume). For the full dress rehearsal, tech crew and band members (including actors who are also helping with tech or in the band) must be wearing all black. For grips and other crew working on stage, it really must be all black, no white/coloured writing on your clothes. If you don’t have an all black shirt, turn a T-shirt inside out. The tech T-shirt will be printed black-on-black, so it is acceptable backstage dress.