Will I get a part?

Yes! Everyone who auditions will get a part! You will find out which part you get at the read-through.

When and where are auditions?

Auditions are usually held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings in the first week of classes. The whole audition process takes about an hour, and you only need to audition once on one of the nights.

Who needs to audition?

Anyone who wants to appear on stage at any point in the show needs to audition. If you are not able to attend the auditions, please contact the Stage Manager to make alternate arrangements. All cast members must go through the whole audition process.

Everyone participating in the company, even if they are not appearing on stage, will need to fill out an online information form. If you have not been a part of FASS before, we also strongly encourage you to show up to auditions even if you’re not appearing on stage, so that you can meet the production team.

What should I prepare?

You don’t need to prepare anything for the acting or dancing auditions. We’ll provide you with some lines to read and some dance steps to do. For the singing audition, you will be asked to sign a few bars of a song of your choice. We will provide selections from this year’s script if you are indecisive, or you can sing “Happy Birthday” or “O Canada”.

Please fill out the online audition form before showing up to auditions. If you have not filled it out in advance, we will need you to fill it out when you arrive. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes for the auditions, especially the dance audition (you can take your shoes off for the dancing).

What is on the audition form?

We will need your contact information and information about what you are interested in doing in the show. We will ask if you want to be on stage, what sort of role you would like, whether you would like to help with tech, whether you would like to be in the band, and whether you would like to help out with other parts of the production. We will also ask for your availability in the month of January, so that we can build the rehearsal schedule.

We will also need to take your photo at some point, so that we know who you are, and for the showbook.

What will happen at auditions?

After you’ve completed the form, you will be taken with a small group through acting, singing, and dancing auditions. We will start with a few warm-ups, and then proceed to the auditions. You must do all three parts of the audition, even if you don’t plan to sing or dance on stage.

For acting, your group will be given a selection from this year’s script to cold read. You will be given a part, and then your group will act the part through together. You will then each be given a personality to incorporate into your role, such as a cowboy, an Italian mobster, or Santa Claus, and then you will run through the scene again in your new roles.

For singing, your group will sing a few bars together, to see how your voices blend. You will then sing individually. You will then be given a role and asked to repeat your song in that role.

Finally, for dancing, our choreographer will teach you a short dance, and then watch you go through the steps.