The FASS Show Council is the coolest band of brothers this side of the 49th parallel, but even they can’t put on a show on their own. Come show time, the production team will need volunteers to take on leadership and special roles to put FASS together. These roles go above and beyond the usual acting, playing, and building that everyone takes part in, although most of these positions are still compatible with doing other things in FASS.

Below are links to pages with position listings for each Show Council member. If you’re interested in any (or all!) of these positions, please email the relevant committee member.

Director’s Creative Companions

The Director’s team is responsible for bringing the script to life on stage. Acting, music, song and dance. When you’re working under the Director, anything you wish for can come true.

Stage Manager’s Maniacal Minions

The Stage Manager’s team is responsible for making sure that everything goes off without a hitch. It’s a lot of work, organizing people and things. If you’re the sort of preson who likes lists, this just might be for you.

Tech Director’s Talented Team

If you like working with physical things, look no farther than the tech team! Every kind of implement, item, and instrument will find some home. Many coordinators are needed to make sure everything goes without a hitch.

Producer’s Highly Alliterative Ninjas

This is where you should look if you’re secretly a Laurier student. The Producer has the biggest team because their the biggest job, and Laurier students will know about team spirit, because God knows UW doesn’t. The Producer is responsible for marketing, which they actually teach at Laurier. Working under the Producer is the best co-op job you’ll be able to find. We made sure.

Vice Squad

Behind every party is a team of energetic volunteers! If you love FASS’ parties and you want to help make them happen, the Vice Squad is the place for you!