Tech Tour & Read-Through

What is the tech tour?

Before read-through, the company is invited to go on a tour of the Humanities Theatre. This is the theatre where our show will take place, and it has a lot of really cool stuff in it. The tech tour will take you around the theatre to see all of the bits and pieces, and how the magic of theatre happens. It’s open to everyone in FASS, and it’s highly recommended for anyone who’s never seen the theatre before.

Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the theatre, so please make sure that you bring indoor shoes. The tour does go quite high in the fly lofts, but if you are uncomfortable with heights, there is still plenty to see!

What is the read-through?

The read-through is the first time we get the cast together in one place. We ¬†will give you your script(s) and rehearsal schedule, and give an overview of how FASS works and who’s in charge. Once all the administrivia is out of the way, we get to the read-through. The cast goes up and reads through the script, so that everyone understands how the whole show goes together and to give you a first go-over of your script.

Food and drink will be available at the read-through, at a small cost.

When and where are these?

The tech tour usually starts at 10am in Hagey Hall, just outside the theatre. Come in through the main doors (facing Arts Lecture Hall) after 9:45, as the other doors will be locked.

Read-through usually starts at 1pm, and is often in one of the large lecture halls in AL. Please come early so that you can find your script and be ready at 1.

Please check against the calendar, as these may change from year to year.

Do I need to come to read-through?

If you are part of the cast, then yes. All cast members need to be present to get their scripts and participate in the read-through. For other company members, read-through is optional, but we highly recommend it. It’s a lot more meaningful to build a prop or set piece if you know what it will be used for!

If you’re a cast member and you won’t be able to make it to read-through, please make sure to tell the Stage Manager. You will be contacted separately¬†to get you your schedule and to arrange pickup of your scripts.