Welcome to the FASS Band!

It wouldn’t be a musical without some music! That’s where the band comes in. Part of Hagey Hall’s facilities include an orchestral pit between the stage and the audience, and that’s where the band spends the show: watching, laughing, and occasionally playing some rockin’ tunes for the singers and dancers.

The band is a fairly diverse group of FASSies. There are members who are “band-only” and some crazy members who try to do every aspect of FASS, writing, tech, band, and being on stage. If you’re a little stage shy and more comfortable behind a music stand, then definitely offer your talents to the band.

Unlike being on stage, we have a slightly less formal audition process. You just need to meet briefly with the Music Director on one of the audition nights in the first week of January. Practices are once a week for a few hours for the three weeks before the show, and all the sheet music will be given to you as you need it.

One of the perks to being a part of the band is you get to see the show from arguably the best seats in the house! Not only that, but the band gets some improv moments during the show, and to do some sound effects or Friday Late gags on audience participation night.

FASS is all about inclusivity, but depending on the music selected by the writing team, the orchestration might need a bigger or smaller band with specific instrumental talents. We try to be as inclusive as possible, but we are limited by the songs chosen and the space in the band pit. If you’re only set on being in the band, then that will be honoured as best as we can, but if you’d also like to do tech or be on stage, then feel free to check those out too!

If you’re interested in getting updates about being in the band, please email our Company Coordinator.