When and where are the performances?

The performances of the Winter show take place at the end of a week (e.g. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), during the Winter term (see the calendar for exact dates each year), generally in the evening. The “call” time [time when you need to be ready at the theatre] for the cast is generally 2 hours before the show and for the crew it is usually one hour before, although they may have to arrive earlier to set up. Reminders are generally sent out to the company with the exact call times.

Our Winter show generally takes place in the Humanities Theatre in Hagey Hall. There are usually other specified rooms in Hagey Hall available for studying and resting when you are not on stage. You should be in one of those rooms when you are not on stage so that our runners will know where to find you to call you for your next scene. Cast and crew are not allowed in the first-floor lobby when there is less than an hour left before the show.

Do I have to be there?

Yes, attendance at the shows is mandatory.

If you can’t make it to all of the shows, then you will probably not be able to take part in any of the onstage aspects of FASS.

What should I bring?

You should bring water. You also need to bring some makeup equipment, namely eye-liner and a washcloth, as well as lipstick if applicable. Since you will be moving around a lot in an enclosed area, please take care of your hygiene (showering, deodorant) for the comfort of everyone in the company. If you will be in the tech shop at all, you need close-toed indoor shoes.

If you’re going to be working as a grip or in the band pit, you must bring all black clothing.

What is special about the Adult performance?

If you’re heard legends about this aspect of FASS, do not be afraid, it has been toned down sufficiently that it no longer exists! Join us and ask an older FASSie about what used to happen!

What happens after the show?

After the show each night there is usually a company party; see the announcements page for more information or contact the Company Coordinator. After the last performance, we will have strike, at which time we will dismantle and remove everything FASS brought into the theatre; participation in Strike is mandatory (unless you’ve volunteered in advance to help out with party set-up :D). The strike night party will only start after strike is complete: the more people helping at strike, the faster we can get to partying!