Tech Director’s Talented Team

If you have any questions about positions under the Tech Director or you’d like to join their talented team, please email

Costumes Manager

Enjoy making costumes? Like trying to accomplish tech costume challenges on a tiny budget (See: FASS 2013, Ned Stark costume)? Organized enough to keep track of everyone’s costumes before, during, and after shows? If so, consider heading up FASS’s costumes department!

Makeup Artist

If you’re confident explaining to new stage performers how to put on stage makeup and have ideas for characters where more interesting makeup is required and the skill to apply it, then being the head of FASS makeup may be the job for you.

Key Grip

Organized? Good at managing theatre chaos? Enjoy wearing black and dressing like a ninja? Consider being FASS’s Key Grip!

Props Master

If your skill set includes such elements as organization, managing organized lists and sorting systems, and an ability to fix things on short notice, then Props Master may be for you.

Lighting Designer

Whether you dream of gels and lighting designs or just have an artistic vision for how you think the lighting ought to look, Lighting Designing FASS may be just the creative challenge you’re looking for.

Sound Designer

If you like playing with sound effects, mixing on a sound board, and wrangling incessantly with cables, consider Sound Designing FASS!