What is FASS?

FASS (short for Faculty, Alumni, Staff, and Students) is an amateur theatre company at the University of Waterloo. Originally started as a variety show in 1962, FASS predates many of the modern organizations on campus, including the Federation of Students. At the height of its existence in the 1980s, FASS was a major aspect of campus life, and tickets were hard to come by.

FASS produces an original script for an annual show in February. The FASS show is written every year from May through December, and then production kicks off in January with auditions held in the first week of classes. Throughout January and into February, the actors rehearse, the techies tech, and the production crew pulls their hair until, finally, everything is ready five weeks later. The shows are put on, many parties are held, and then everyone goes and collapses from exhaustion. It’s good fun.

FASS is governed by a Board selected from the Company, and a Show Council appointed by the board, all under the guidance of a glorious Constitution. The President can be recognized around campus by their distinctive multi-coloured cape, which they wear to all FASS events and whenever else they can find a good excuse.