Company Coordinator’s Companions

If you have any questions about positions under the Company Coordinator or you want to apply, please email

Photographer & Videographer

FASS likes to collect memorabilia from the show, and a lot of it is very visual. Someone can wander around with a camera and take photos to make our showbook look awesome. Someone can also set up all the video cameras to record FASS and ensure that our awesome production leaves its indelible imprint on a camera’s flash memory card.

DVD Editor

Once all the raw footage has been shot, someone can put it all together to make a DVD.

Showbook Editor

The FASS showbook is a fine tradition, going back to the year before FASS was founded. The showbook editor will create a true work of art by combining photos, quotes, design skills, and a couple of blank pages for signatures.

Program Designer

The program designer will be responsible for getting all the credits from the managers in FASS, and ensuring that the show program completely and accurately reflects the company.

Parking Pass Manager

Every year, the cast and crew need somewhere to leave their cars. Not everyone is a poor, starving student. The parking pass manager will arrange the purchase of passes from Parking Services and ensure that they get to the people who buy them.