What sort of company memorabilia is there?

We will have show T-shirts, DVDs of the show, and showbooks available for company members to purchase. Company members may also want to take home extra posters or programs.


We usually produce two kinds of T-shirts for the show: a coloured t-shirt, and a black-on-black version for tech and band. The black-on-black version can be worn backstage during the show.


We usually produce a DVD of each year’s show for purchase by company members. The DVD also usually includes special features, such as behind-the-scenes videos, Friday late gags, and whatever else comes to mind.


Each year, we create showbooks, including pictures of the entire cast, out-of-context quotes, and other great memories. It’s common to pass them around the company for signing at the Annual General Meeting. If you have a quote for the showbook, you can submit it online!

How do I order them?

The Producer will provide instructions to the company for ordering memorabilia. T-shirt orders will need to be placed in early January so that they can be delivered in time. Other orders will be open at least until the show closes; it may be possible to order some later if you contact the Producer directly.

When will they be available?

T-shirts will be available before the show opens, and will usually be available on tech weekend.

DVDs and showbooks will be available for pickup in time for the Annual General Meeting. If you cannot make the meeting, please contact the Producer to make alternate arrangements to get yours.