Fantasies and Fandoms (Winter 2019) – Attributions

This show uses sounds licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

  • “Canadian Geese Migration” by Mike Koenig [mixed]
  • “Shooting Star” by Mike Koenig
  • “Slot Machine” by Daniel Simon [mixed]
  • “Space Ship Door Opening” by Mike Koenig [mixed]
  • “Strange Mechanical Sound” by Marianne Gagnon [mixed]
  • “African Tribal Circle” by Mike Koenig [mixed]
  • “Enraged Zombies” by Mike Koenig [mixed]
  • “Zombie Brain Eater” by Mike Koenig [mixed]
  • “Zombie Horde” by Mike Koenig [mixed]
  • “Shotgun Blast” by Jim Rogers

Notice of adaptation:

  • [mixed] indicates sound played at the same time as other sounds
  • all sounds edited for length