Get Involved

We are looking for a group of talented and dedicated individuals to organize and run our next production – a fall variety show featuring original FASS content, one-off skits, and guest acts from other organizations at the University of Waterloo. This is an opportunity to work on a smaller core FASS show while experimenting with new venues and formats.

The exact roles and responsibilities will be slightly different from our traditional full-length production, and may change as we learn about this new format. See the Fall 2018 blog post for details. Most applications close on Wednesday, July 11th. Contact

We are also looking for a Chief Script Writer (CSW) to organize the creation of an original FASS script for our full-length winter comedy/musical show. The CSW is responsible for picking a theme (as per the process outlined in our Constitution), organizing writing meetings to create and polish the script, and delivering a final script to the Show Council in time for the show.

Applications close on Sunday, July 22. Please reach out to for more information.

There are many ways to get involved during the show, and we are always happy to hear from anyone interested in participating! For more information, please reach out to our Creative Liaison.


For those who like going on stage!


For those who like making noise!


For those who like building things!


For those who can’t stop making puns!

And more!

Even more opportunities as assistants to the Director, Stage Manager, Tech Director, and more!