Applications for CSW and Treasurer Now Open!

Thanks again for the absolutely fantastic show this year!
Now, we would like to announce that CSW and Treasurer applications are now open! If you would like to be the Chief Script Writer or the Treasurer for FASS 2016, you can now submit your application! Applications are due at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, February 25

Chief Script Writer

The CSW is in charge of writing the script that the company performs each year. This entails a lot of organization, because FASS has a crack team of Pullitzer-prize winning writers at its disposal and they all have different styles and humour, and someone needs to put them all together. The CSW is expected to hold meetings throughout the year, starting with the theme meeting before the Annual General Meeting (at the end of March or start of April), and going all the way until the script is done. The CSW has the final control over every aspect of the script—except the theme, which the whole company will vote on.


This glamorous position entails being in charge of all of FASS’s money. The Treasurer prepares a budget for Committee’s approval, writes cheques for expenses, ensures that all the spending fits in the budget, and then prepares a financial report to be delivered at the AGM. The Treasurer is very, very important to FASS’s continued existence!


If you have any questions about these positions, you can talk to the current President Alexis ( You can also talk to Davenport, the current CSW (, or Megan, the current Treasurer (

How to Apply

To apply, send an application to Your application should include your qualifications, why you’re interested in the position, and what you plan to do if selected. Your application will be circulated to the Committee for review, and then we will schedule you to come in for an interview. If you include your availability for evenings in the weeks of March 2 and March 9, that would greatly help us schedule the meetings. After interviewing all candidates, the 2015 Committee will pick the first new members of the 2016 Committee (and the first member of the 2017 Committee!).