Directors, TDs, and Producers: Oh My!

We’ve selected our Director, Technical Director, and Producer for FASS 2016! A big congratulations  to Stefan Verveniotis (our Director), Clara Walker (our TD), Tristan Mills (our Producer) who are joining the Haunted FASS creative team.

We’ve also appointed Megan Redwood to committee as a non-voting member. Megan will be acting as co-vice this year.

There’s only one more spot left open on committee, and that’s our Stage Manager! Applications for SM are due two weeks from today (June 5th, 11:59PM). If you’re interested in working with our new Director & TD and making a lot of lists, send an email to with why you’re interested and your qualifications. Committee will interview candidates and provide a shortlist to the Director for his final choice. If you have questions about the role, talk to Nadia, our amazing, soon-to-be-past SM.