Get Involved! Applications for creative lead positions now opening! Due November 15th, 2021

As the end of the Fall term approaches, our writing team is in full swing preparing the script for the Winter 2022 show, which will mark both our 60th anniversary show AND our return to a live stage! (some conditions apply…) 🙂
In order to make the magic happen, we need people.  Yes you.  Putting on a show not only needs fun, energetic actors on stage, but a few creative people to take on important roles on our Show Council.
Thus today I am opening applications for Director, Producer, Tech Director, and Stage Manager.  Deadline for applications for Director and Producer is November 15th, 2021.  Applications for Tech Director and Stage Manager will remain open until the Director has been selected.
The Director is the creative lead of the team.  They will decide how the actors move and speak, what the sets and props will look like.  They will take the script we are writing and make it happen on stage.
The Producer is the person that makes things happen behind the scenes.  They will take on the role of managing promotion of the show to make sure there is an audience to enjoy it.
Tech Director is the one who takes the Director’s vision for the props and the sets and makes them happen in real life.  Mostly with cardboard.  They will manage a team of techies building and scavenging for lots of interesting items.
The Stage Manager has two primary roles.  During the lead up to the show, the SM is the Director’s assistant (not to be confused with Assistant Directors) 🙂 They will manage the actors schedules and help with line reads during rehearsals.  Once the show opens, the SM becomes the person in charge of the show, making sure everything happens on time each night.
If you have any interest in or questions about any of these positions, please reach out to me at