AGM 2016 Recap!

We held our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, April 23!

We approved two constitutional changes. First, we’ve increased the Executive to 7 people. If someone hasn’t yet been appointed or a person is wearing two hats, other members of the committee will be appointed to Executive to keep the number at 7.

Second, the Producer role has been split into two, where the Secretary role has been replaced with the Company Coordinator. The Producer handles all things external (cameos, ticket sales, posters, etc.) and the Company Coordinator takes on memorabilia, script printing, and parking passes alongside the traditional Secretary duties. A huge thank you to Tristan Mills and Melinda Mah for trying out the split this year.

Michael L. Davenport joins the Honor Roll! Congratulations!

The theme for FASS 2017 is Superheroes!

A huge congratulations to the following people who were elected at the AGM!
President Elizabeth McFaul
Vice President (President of Party) Gavin Craig
Company Coordinator Katherine Schill
Representative Monica Pierce
Representative Shannon Broekhoven
Representative Minhung Ling
Representative Robert Audas

Applications for Producer, Treasurer, Director, Tech Director, and Stage Manager are all open!