Apply Now for the FASS 2017 Team!

FASS 2017 needs a lot of different superpowers to make it happen. From creative vision to super organization, the remaining roles on committee are great for getting involved in FASS 2017 in a big way.

This glamorous position entails being in charge of all of FASS’s money. The Treasurer prepares a budget for Committee’s approval, writes cheques for expenses, ensures that all the spending fits in the budget, and then prepares a financial report to be delivered at the AGM. The Treasurer is very, very important to FASS’s continued existence!


If there isn’t an audience, then the show is really just a rehearsal. That’s where the Producer comes in. Create posters, sell tickets, and promote the show to the world! The Producer is also in charge of securing cameos: maybe an astronaut is in our future?


The Director takes our script and brings it to life by adding actors, set pieces, costuming, lighting, sound, and music. They are responsible for casting, running rehearsals, and making a lot of decisions to bring their vision to life.

Tech Director

The Tech Director is responsible for coordinating lighting, sound, special effects, sets, props, and costumes for the production. This often means coordinating a team of volunteers to build amazing things out of cardboard!

Stage Manager

FASS’ Stage Manager schedule FASSies, coordinate rehearsals, ensure you learn your lines & your blocking (mostly).organize the production team, calls cues, and generally gets things done.
We need someone organized who can coordinate rehearsals and schedule 100 people without too many conflicts. Someone who can put people in the right place at the right time with all the right things. Someone who can understand our Director’s vision and make it happen on stage.

How to Apply
To apply, send an application to by 6PM on May 15th. Your application should include your qualifications, why you’re interested in the position, and what you plan to do if selected. Your application will be circulated to the Committee for review, and then we will schedule you to come in for an interview.

Stage Manager applications are open until May 30th. You’ll be interviewed and a shortlist of candidates will be provided to the Director for their final choice.