Committee Meeting #1 Recap

Committee held its first meeting Wednesday May 4. Here’s what happened!

Nyssa Tilford has been appointed to Committee as an at-large member. We appointed Clara Walker, Nyssa Tilford, and Robert Audas to the Executive to bring it up to seven. Two of these people hold temporary seats until we appoint a Treasurer and Producer.

We also had a great discussion about the challenges we experienced at April’s General Meeting and what we could do to avoid those sorts of issues in the future. A special thanks to all the guests that attended!

Potential Solutions

The goal of the discussion was to come up with solutions that avoid the negativity that we experienced, while still allowing individuals to express what they feel is best for FASS. The group chatted about a variety of potential solutions, including adding a time limit to discussion, removing it altogether, gathering anonymous feedback, having a standard list of questions, etc.

The group landed on three items to look into further. The new process would combine these items and would probably replace the discussion with candidates out of the room.

  • Nomination period that starts after the show is complete.
    • Nominations would be released before the AGM as a public list.
    • People can approach candidates about particular issues or approach committee.
    • Committee could bring any concerns to the candidate.
    • Role briefing for candidates to give them more information and a list of questions to think about.
      • Questions to think about would include questions from the company.
    • Nominations would still be accepted from the floor at the meeting.
  • Break after nominations but before questions.
    • Chance for additional nominations after the break.
    • Chance for individuals to raise concerns with a committee member.
    • Chance for committee to raise concerns with the nominee anonymously.
  • More information about roles and what skills/experience you may want.
    • For all roles (elected and appointed).
    • Position slides at AGM should have more information about the role and its expectations.
    • Make these (or some other form of position information) available ahead of time for candidates.

Next Steps

Committee is going to discuss the options and flesh them out. We’ll send out a proposal for comments/feedback. We’ll likely hold a session where people can come in and express their thoughts. If constitutional changes are needed, we’d hold a special general meeting before the Readthrough in January.

In the meantime, if you have any feedback that you’d like to share, please email or chat with anyone on Committee.