Director and Treasurer Results!

I am very proud to announce the two newest members of the FASS 2017 committee! Bringing superpowers of organization, telling people what to do, and having the same name:
  • Emily Crawford – Director
  • Emily Pass – Treasurer

Thank you to everyone who applied! It was a very difficult decision! Applications for Producer and Technical Director are closed and they will be chosen in the next few weeks.

We’re still looking for our Director’s favourite (and most organized) sidekick: the stage manager! Applications for Stage Manager officially close on Thursday, June 2 at 6PM. If you’re interested in this role, send an email to outlining your skills, experience & interest in the role. Committee will interview candidates and provide a shortlist to the Director for her final choice. If you have questions about the role, talk to me, the soon-to-be-past SM!