Fall 2019 Variety Show and Next Board Meeting

Fall 2019 Variety Show

We’re excited to announce that FASS will be holding a Variety Show in Fall 2019! We are accepting applications for CSW (chief script writer) for a Fall 2019 Variety Show. Applications are due by Wednesday May 15 by 6 pm. If you are interested, please contact prez@fass.uwaterloo.ca.

The CSW is responsible for:
– Calling a meeting to consider ideas for and select the show theme
– Organizing meetings for and supervising the writing of the script
– Providing updates about the script and finishing it on time

Next Board Meeting

Show dates for both Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 will be discussed at the next Board meeting, which is on Wednesday May 15 at 7 pm in HH 119. The agenda for the meeting is here. The first part of the meeting is closed, but all are welcome to attend the second part, which will start around 7:30. HH123 is reserved for hanging out before the open part of the meeting begins. Hope you can join us!